That Big Kojima Announcement In Full













For those of you who may not have heard, a teaser appeared in gaming magazines about an announcement to be made on May 21st. That’s yesterday, for those of you keeping score at home. There was a number 5 that kept flashing up in the background of the teaser website. So what was announced late last night? Well wonder no more, ladies and gentleman, for all will be revealed after the break!

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iPhone/iPod Touch Corner 22/5/09














If you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that my iPod met a tragic end recently. So I replaced it with an iPod Touch and immediately started downloading a few games and apps. Which leads me to this new occasional feature I’m going to write, in which I give short reviews of games I’m playing on my iTouch… sorry, iPod Touch. Hit the break for more!
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NTN Presents – The Price Is Right #4


It’s been a while. But here’s another edition of NTN’s ‘The Price Is Right’. Starting right now is Zavvi’s weekly Mega Monday sale, and there are some games in that list, including: –

Oblivion : Game of the Year Edition (PS3) – £8.95
Far Cry 2 (PS3/360) – £14.95
Madworld (Wii) – £15.95
Stormrise (PS3/360) – £15.95
Prince of Persia (360) – £14.95

You can find the Zavvi Mega Monday deals by clicking here

I Love The Smell Of Shrink Wrap In The Morning!

wrapGetting a new game is a fantastic thing.  You can’t wait to get home and play it.  I’ve bought a few new games lately.  Such as good ol’ Henry Hatsworth up there.  Today, my topic is shrink wrap/cellophane.  What am I blathering about?  Find out after the break!

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NTN Review – Colour Cross (DS)


I’ve been playing my DS quite a bit lately, and I love puzzle games.  I recently traded away Picross DS after completely clearing the game.  It was a really good, enjoyable game.  When I first heard about Colour Cross and it’s similarities to Picross, I instantly wanted it.  I now have a copy, and you can find out my opinions after the break.

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Revenge of the WiiTachments 2 – Graffiti Time!


If you read this blog at all, you may remember I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about the range of Wii peripherals (AKA WiiTachments) that had come out. (It’s further down the front page, or alternativly, it’s here). Well, now you will be able to turn your Wiimote into a virtual can of spray paint! More info after the break!

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P.R. 101 – How NOT To Respond To A New Product Launch


If you know anything about vidja games, you’ll know that Nintendo have launched the latest incarnation of their DS system, the DSi. While perusing the interwebs, I read an article posted on Destructoid which detailed a statement released by Sony Computer Entertainment America, which may suggest that Sony’s marketing strategy is somewhat out of touch. More at 10! Or after the break!

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